"Nightingale detected every attack our team threw at it, with zero false positives. We have not seen such performance from other systems. Also, incidents are easy to resolve from the Nightingale screen. And the platform’s minuscule footprint on endpoints and on our network is another critical advantage. We’re confident that deploying Nightingale on our production network is a right decision."


Absolute Detection: Any attack vector.
Any method. Known or unknown
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Reliable, accurate, complete actionable
information delivered directly to you
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Instantly resolve incidents with
integrated powerful response tools
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Why Nightingale

Network breaches cannot be prevented. But with assured detection and timely,
effective response, damage to the organization can and will be prevented.

  • Proven ability to detect any type of attack, known or unknown, before it starts acting on its objectives. Detection is accurate and reliable, with no overload of alerts to triage.
  • Integrated rapid effective response. A complete graphic description of the entire attack chain is pushed to security staff for intuitive assessment and decision making. Class-leading response is launched from the same display, and effected by Nightingale Nano-Agents.
  • Dynamic, responsive architecture automatically optimizes for the organization’s assets. It is immune to reconnaissance or reverse engineering. Detection is assured, while targeted attacks are deterred.
  • Long term efficacy: No reliance on patterns, signatures, or any form of assumption on future attacks. Detection relies on the nature of the assets, not the attack.
  • Unparalleled minimal footprint on endpoints and network.

One Platform. Complete Detection. Integrated Response. Now and in the Future.

Nightingale as-a-Service

Accurate Attack Detection and Actionable Response Support

Nightingale offers a managed service option powered by its class-leading technology. Our domain experts, support your security and IT teams in keeping the organization secure, minimizing your security work load, and optimizing your endpoint protection process and strategy:

Remote Endpoint Monitoring

our cyber experts monitor Nightingale alerts and provide designated customer contacts with fully verified, complete and actionable incident information

Response Support

Nightingale consultants work in real time with your staff to effect immediate incident containment to prevent damage to your organization

Remote Deployment and Configuration Support

Nightingale experts ensure the platform is up and running and is constantly in optimal configuration, in full coordination with your staff


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Rann Marom

Co-Founder, CEO
Rann is a senior executive with extensive experience across the entrepreneurial cycle. In his prior role as partner at Veritas Venture Partners, Rann identified and led investments in seed-stage ventures, actively helping assemble leading teams, set (and adjust!) strategy, and closely supporting the evolution of great ideas into global companies, as well as global fundraising for the firm. As an aerospace engineer, Rann participated in the development of groundbreaking unmanned airborne platforms that continue to serve several countries. He is a Major (Reserves) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Intelligence Corps, where he led large-scale intelligence collection and system analytics efforts. He also holds Rann holds degrees from the Technion in Israel and INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.
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Daniel Sela

Co-Founder, CTO
Daniel is seasoned and creative software engineer with vast experience in development of security systems in complex environments. During his extended military service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) he was responsible for developing and leading multiple R&D projects and was awarded the IDF prestigious Creative Thinking Award from the Director of Military Intelligence. At Nightigale, Daniel is responsible for the technology vision and leadership.
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Ohad Arnon

VP of Research and Development
Ohad brings to Nightingale over 15 years of experience in research and development. Prior to joining Nightingale as VP R&D, Ohad served in executive positions, leading groups at ECI Telecom, Cyren, RSA and ELBIT Systems. Ohad has vast knowledge and expertise in development of complex security systems, from design to release, and in leading teams of developers, researchers, QA and analysts. Ohad holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

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